Podcast #15 – The Brain and Education

There is a lot of talk about brain-based education. What does this mean? Are there some clear implications for teachers or is it still too early to say?

podcast_icon1.gifListen to the podcast.


2 Responses to Podcast #15 – The Brain and Education

  1. Jason Bray says:

    Aloha Anita,
    this is Jason Bray from Oahu Hawaii, I just listened to some of your podcasts and I just wanted to say thank you for publishing them. Listening to some of the information really helps with my understanding of some of these concepts. I like the simple website design as well. Well Thanks again.

  2. Anita Woolfolk says:

    Great to know the podcasts are working for you. I was very nervous doing them, but I got better–practice helps most things.

    I will be in Kona in August–love your state.

    Say hi to your class for me.


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