Podcast #1 – The Importance of Teachers

In this podcast Anita talks about the importance of teachers in students’ lives. Did you know that “teacher involvement and caring is the most significant predictor of a student’s engagement in school from first grade through 12th grade?” Listen to learn more.

podcast_icon1.gifListen to the podcast.


One Response to Podcast #1 – The Importance of Teachers

  1. kathy kehlmeier says:

    Dr. Woolfolk –

    I am 52 years old and have just started back to get my teaching licensure through Ashland’s bachelor + program and Columbus State, where Ed Psych is my first course. While I am a bit overwhelmed – I appreciate your book, your podcasts, and all the materials you offer to new teachers. I wanted to say, “Thank you so much!” I am studying and actually enjoying the process.

    Kathy Kehlmeier

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